Greater awareness of international business etiquette skills will help you to increase your poise and confidence. This will significantly change the impact that you have in any social, formal and professional situations.

Whether you are on a business trip, participating in a project or going to a social event, good sense and everyday manners can make the difference between success and failure. This is why the acquisition of social and etiquette skills is of the utmost necessity. Through the use of case studies, role plays and discussions, the course will show you how to use professional skills to interact with people more effectively, make lasting contacts, win clients and close deals.

Program Features

✓ Enhance social and interpersonal skills

✓ Greater confidence to interact with people from all walks of life

✓ Ability to make a positive first impression

✓ Ability to make a lasting impression Improvement in overall appearance

✓ To bring what you learn to enhance the career development

✓ Opportunity to develop your own career as an expert in etiquette

To guide, train and support...

International Business Etiquette (Personal) – Level 1

Topic 1: What is Etiquette / Manners?
Topic 2: Making a great first impression
Topic 3: Greeting and Introductions
Topic 4: Body Language
Topic 5: Etiquette Dressing
Topic 6: Table Etiquette
Topic 7: Multi-cultural Challenges

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